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June 12, 2024

Business Networking Breakfast – Nashville

CXO Panel Breakfast

Nashville, TN

Nashville Market

With its vibrant music scene, talented workforce, and business-friendly policies, Nashville has established itself as a leading hub for companies across sectors like healthcare, music and entertainment, and technology. Major corporations choose Nashville for its geographic advantage of being within a day's drive of over half the US population. Companies also capitalize on Nashville's professional labor pool, courtesy of over 20 local colleges feeding talent to the region. Executives are attracted to Tennessee's lack of state income tax and Nashville's high quality of life, earning it the nickname "The City of Second Chances." From historic country music venues on Broadway to new multi-use real estate developments, transplants can appreciate Nashville's mix of Southern comfort and cosmopolitan amenities. Forward-thinking city leadership continues to invest in transit, education, and innovation to sustain Nashville's economic momentum. With competitive operating costs and access to customers across the Southeast, companies find Music City hits all the right notes.

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