About Us

Our Mission & Vision

The mission of the Executive RoundtableTM is to foster an exclusive peer community where top-tier leaders can expand their perspectives, gain actionable insights, and build meaningful relationships through intimate, candid panel events. We aim to curate diverse forums that spark idea-sharing and connectivity amongst professionals across industries, functions, and organizations to help executives maximize their leadership impact.

The Executive RoundtableTM aspires to be the foremost membership-based executive platform that provides C-suite leaders and promising up-and-comers access to thought leadership, cross-industry best practices, and expanding networks. We envision our coast-to-coast events will act as idea labs for today's top minds to come together and shape the future of business leadership. By cultivating an environment of open exchange, we will enable executives to broaden their strategic mindset, implement fresh ideas, and form productive connections with fellow high-caliber leaders.

Panelists + Host
Carlos HS

Carlos J. Arboleda
National Chairman & Founder

A Note From Our National Chairman & Founder

"A group of business and community leaders recognized that chambers of commerce, professional associations, and other groups served valuable purposes like economic development, industry forums, networking, and more. However, they felt there was still a void - a place where executives could share insights, ideas, perspectives, and experiences with other executives in a more intimate, smaller setting.

This led to the founding of the Executive Roundtable nearly 18 years ago. Since then, the Roundtable has focused on delivering top thought leaders - from Fortune 100 companies to innovative startups - as speakers. It operates as a no-membership, no-fee organization that limits access. The Roundtable is grateful to its stellar partners whose support underwrites the programs and enables this unique executive peer forum to thrive."